Attracting viewers and customers to your website

You have a beautiful, content rich and functional website but, the only vistors you may receive are the ones that stumble upon it by accident.

To attract people and, more importantly, potential customers to vist your website, you need to employ a number of fairly simple methods to help you achieve this.

People WILL NOT come to your website if they do not know it exists.

1. Advertise your website address (URL)

  • Add your website address at your business location – window signage, posters, interior signage etc
  • Share your website information by using flyers and passing out business cards
  • Talk about your website, to customers, and let them know what they might expect to find there
  • If selling physical products, especially from your business location, consider placing a small compliment slip (which includes your website address) into the packaging or bag or have your website URL pre-printed on your till receipts
  • Add your website URL to your social media business pages “About” section
  • Use your social media pages to share posts, pages and products from your website; employ the power of social media platforms to promote offers, discounts or coupons – always include a link to your website
  • Tell your friends and family members that you now have an online presence and encourage them to tell others

2. Ensure that the big search engines know about you

Implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to your pages, products and images. Use unique keywords that relate to your pages, products, articles and content. Once this is done correctly, and you have notified Google, Yahoo and Bing (and any other specialist search engines) that you exist,  they will send out their search bots to index your website. However, this process does take some time and is not immediate. Quite often, you may not see your website appear very high on their search pages for several weeks.

There are some things that you can do to assist search engines to index your website higher on the page:

  • Improve results when the search engine bots scan your website
  • Activity, both to and from your website, will result in a higher position on search pages; this means including links to other websites and having links that point back to yours. This may mean simply sharing website content on social media or link sharing with other web based businesses that complement what you offer
  • By sharing URL’s, from your pages, products and posts, in your social media profiles, you are creating links from your website that the bots recognise as activity
  • Add new content often: create posts (blog articles) on your website; add, or edit, page information; all of which will also promote activity
  • Use a little thought when giving titles to your web pages, blog posts and image alt tags: combine your chosen keywords with these titles to improve search results
  • Update your products, or services, regularly – eg. when a product is sold, replace it with another, remembering to share the new product on social media

By remembering to, regularly, update your website content, you are giving your business the best chance of remaining high in the rankings.

Going forward

Members of the Doncaster Directory also have the added advantage of having their business listing promoted by us.

We use all of the above methods to help attract potential, and current, customers to your listing page. Here, you can further enhance your business by adding many elements, including; contact details, social media links, website links, images relating to your business and, most importantly, giving your customers the opportunity to give feedback, in the form of reviews.

Positive reviews will give potential customers the confidence to use your services or purchase your products. Even responding to negative views, without hostility and by offering solutions to any grievances that may arise, shows potential customers that you listen to feedback and will respond in a positive manner.

The Doncaster Directory Team