The team at Doncaster Directory were able to save [a local business] £200.00 on their competitive quote for 10,000 leaflets.  Everybody understands at the start of trading outgoing costs need to be minimised and we were more than happy to supply the first set of printed material to [name of business] to help them establish a local footprint.

The service really is uniquely placed and has no immediate rivals situated at [place it is based] offering [the things they offer].  A close discussion was had with the business about the online role the Directory can play and whether there is any real benefit the Directory would have at this time to their new business.   We discussed whether the expense of a Directory adds additional pressure on cashflow or will deliver results for them.

A deal was struck to open the Directory service to the business to enable the business to gather reviews via the website directory for marketing and promotion later down the line.  This agreement is the kind of agreement we must all face in business.  Can a mutual benefit be sought and is there a way that a supplier can help his customer establish themselves in the marketplace.

In this case we felt that there was and we felt that the true nature of this story would help our own audience understand the nature of the Directory and how we see its purpose going forward.  We welcome the addition to the Directory and wish to see our friends at [name of business] succeed.  A welcomed addition to the Directory.

One of the key messages that we are keen to get out there is that by being a member of Doncaster Directory we are offering half price print to firms that would otherwise pay high street prices on volumes that are 5,000 to 20,000 units.  The quality of our print buying and level of service is excellent and is here to support people who wish to be part of our business community.

Part of our discussions relating to the leaflet buying was also to assist in connecting the business with a leaflet distribution service that is available to ensure the newly printed leaflets are able to be distributed at a cost in keeping with the nature of launching.  Doncaster Directory was pleased to connect the both parties together to help ensure the business establishes itself with a good presence in the area.

Having tried the food at [name of the place] we highly recommend if you pass over [name of bridge] toward [name of place] and are feeling peckish or simply needing a place away from the hustle and bustle that you try [name of business].