Annual Renewal fee, £75.00

The Annual Renewal fee is £75.00 and is invoiced 11months after your registration.

What does this cover?

The annual renewal fee is a nominal charge to cover the cost of maintaining the website, the overheads and in particular allows our team to manage the data on the website.  The life-cycle of small business means that ownership often changes, direction can change, people move, contact details change and this is our way of ensuring that our data remains up to date.

This website is up to date

Unlike other websites, we know that the information we serve needs to be as up to date as possible in order to provide a good local service.  Often review sites are left unmanaged due to the team not planning for management and maintenance.  We know that you can rely on the information on this website because we have planned the budget for maintaining the members and the information.

We hope that covers it

We do hope that if you were wondering about the Annual Renewal, that in some way you have a much fuller appreciation as to why this website is a good one to join.   Our focus is solely DN1 to DN11 and our aim to ensure we serve relevant and up to date information.