How do I get listed?

For information about how we get you listed and verified
for the Doncaster Directory please refer to the information below.

Getting your basic listing submitted and approved takes approximately 3-5 working days.   Once your basic listing is approved and your listing is paid for we will contact you for payment and then professionalise your listing.


Step 1

Select a Category

Your first step is to choose your category on the directory.  Do this above by clicking ‘Join Now’ under the relevant category.

Step 2

Click & Sign-up

Once you clicked the category of your choice, you will be prompted to sign-up and register yourself on the website as a personal member to Doncaster Directory.  This is free.

Step 3

Create Listing

Once registered, create your basic listing by entering your business listing details.  This will go in to an approval queue for our team to review and approve.

Step 4

Await Approval

Be patient whilst our team approve your listing.  We check to ensure you are a local business and try to ensure that people registering have suitable businesses for the website.

Step 5

Preview Listing

We will prepare an invoice and send this to you and during this period your listing will be available for 7 days on the website waiting for you to confirm you wish to be listed.

Step 6

Make Payment

Confirm you wish us to proceed and professionalise your listing by making full payment of £149.00 against the registration invoice.  This must be done within 7 days or you will need to apply again.