Professionalising a Listing?

The process of professionalising a listing happens after a member has confirmed by means of payment that they would like their listing to be polished and remain on the website.



1. Confirm the Category

We correctly place the listing in to the correct category.   For example, you may have initially added your listing to Category A when in fact the listing needs to be placed in an alternative category to keep order for the website.

2. We request ‘extra’ relevant information

The registration for that you complete for your new listing is fairly comprehensive but it does not cover the editing tools required to make a higher quality professional listing that is arranged the best way possible.  We request any additional information that we feel your listing may be lacking in order to complete your listing.

3. Adding of Bespoke files (Downloads, .PDFs, etc)

Some listings provide the opportunity for you to offer special features simply due to the nature of your business.   A good example of this are Restaurants in the Food Category.   Restaurants are given the option of including their menu as part of their listing and making it available for download.  When we professionalise a listing we request this information.

4. Setting the SEO Tags

One of the purposes of this website is to help business owners on their journey to promote their website.  In order to achieve this we set the SEO Tags on your listing on this website to ensure your listing is readable by internet search engines.  This helps the listing appear in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).    When your listing on Doncaster Directory appears in the SERPs the search engines will not only index your listing with us, but also follow through on your website link and either index your website for the first time or add a popularity score to your website because we are linking to you.


Setting the SEO Tags is something we do when we professionalise your listing.  It helps your listing with us appear and also assists your website promotion activities too.

5. Activate & Test your Website Link

We have all heard of typo’s (mistakes when entering data in to a computer).  Well, we check your website link to make sure it is valid and check to ensure that you are using a valid website address.  We do this when we professionalise your listing.

6. Activate & Test any Social Commerce links

Do you sell your products or services on third party websites such as AutoTrader, Amazon, Facebook, Just Eat, eBay?   If you do this is something we check for when we create your listing.  Again, we check to ensure that your social commerce links are valid and working.  We want to ensure that your hyperlinks all work and that people can find your portals and sales sites from our directory.


Why do we do this?

We complete the above listed activities as a value added part of our service for each one of our registered members.  This ensures we have a quality listing for every member that registers a business with us.


Thank you.

Doncaster Directory